Oktober 22nd, 2012

Progress report

Two funky weeks of warming up do lay behind our admin-team now. The number of followers nearly doubled in that period and we had a lot of fun in interacting with people and other curators.

We asked some artists to join the project in being curator for a week, and we got some applications as well.

The list reads quite international so far: Turkey, USA, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Canada, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland …

And the fields of creativity are nicely diversified: painting, illustration, graphic design, teaching fine arts, live-drawing, type design, calligraphy, interaction design, photography …

It is going to be highly interesting to follow all these wonderful creative people,  to learn about their workaday lives and to interview them. We hope you will all enjoy this Rotation Curation project as much as we do so far and we thank you all for taking the time being a curator or follower – and inspiring us!

Our and your „52 weeks – 52 artists“ starts October 28th. Have fun!

@kulturdesign & @rainerklute

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