März 3rd, 2013

week #19 – @agibson / Alex

Who are you and where do you come from?
I am Alex Gibson and I am from Australia. I am a visual artist and computer programmer. I think the play between art and technology is a really exciting place to be… especially right now. We are living in a radical moment for art and technology.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
I have a few Twitter accounts. My personal account is @agibson – I tweet mostly about art, technology, politics and interact with friends, acquaintances and complete strangers there. 

Also I run the @artweeters account, which is all about the latest art news. Mostly this page is automated – using scripts that I wrote that pull the best information from the best sources I can find. Artweeters brings these sources and communications about art today together.

I recently launched a new Twitter account called @artboxaus… it is all about creating new technology for art’s sake. I am beginning a crowdfunding project which is all about making the best technology for art, artists, curators, collectors and the public. I am very excited by the possibility that really rigorous  critical and important art could become more popular. This is possible if we use technology to communicate, distribute and elucidate art in ways that are meaningful to the public – which I think is possible now because people are fed up with advertising, superficial pop culture and The Media. The Web is evidence of this, and art has a unique opportunity to be relevant to everyone again. 

Tell us about your creative side:
My artwork is mostly about replacing the figure of the artist/ genius with a more distributed collaboration between artists, collectors, curators and the public. Technology, especially The Web is really well placed to do this, but so is art and technology like real time reactive environments, big data visualisation, etc. I think creativity is really just about emphasising the meanings of things in forms that are transformed, reformed, combined and redistributed.

What inspires you?
People mostly. Occasionally ideas. Rarely technology – but when all three come together – then I get super inspired, it’s almost spiritual when these things come together.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
I would go into the future – as far as I could into the future as possible. I would like to see where the Earth experiment is going.

Name your favorite present book:
I am really a big fan of Game of Thrones – I know I should probably not admit this, but it’s really an excellent series. I read them all about a year ago and I am still digesting them. It shows what Machiavelli was talking about.

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
I recommend @artboxaus, because in April I want all the influential people following @createandrotate to get behind the project. The technology we are making is for art’s sake.

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