März 24th, 2013

week #22 – @DaleyChronicles / Daley

Who are you and where do you come from?
I’m Daley a.k.a Croydon Nitty, an illustrator mainly but I also dip into Graphic, Web and Photography. Currently a student juggling the freelance side of life with deadlines.
– http://croydonnitty.tumblr.com
– http://www.behance.net/DaleyIllustrations

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
My twitter username is @DaleyChronicles.

Majority of the time I will be talking about my musical interests, letting people know my train of thought and giving a general insight into my life whether its in illustration or not. It’s useful being able to connect with clients and so forth. For any artist an online presence is a big help to getting your work out to the public!

Tell us about your creative side:
Well, from a young age I spent time away from most surrounding children indoors drawing Pokemon, Dragonball Z characters and trying to create my own. In all honesty the ‚Nerd‘ has never left me. I try to give something new to each piece of work I create and still enjoy, openly experimenting with my style creating textile based, digital and hand rendered works. Illustration has always been said to be something where a style has to be adopted and adapted for clients. The ability to adapt to a brief is important yes but, sticking with one thing when as a visual communicator you need to be getting across different messages, I have never quite understood. I want to continue to be inspired by everything around me and differentiate myself from the pathway rather than other people. I should be but I’m not really a competitive person so I do what I love without thought.

What inspires you?
This could come across as sounding really cliche but the world around me. As things around me change within the industry and in general I feel I must continue to adapt to work with the era. I live day by day cause nobody knows what could happen within the next second, minute or hour of their lives. (Well all of this and comic books, tattoo art, playing on my n64 and twitter!)

Time travel: Where would you go to?
If I could return to the future so I could see where I’d end up – if not i would go back to the 90’s and live my life all over again!!

Name your favorite present book:
At the moment I’m reading Mr Nice by Howard Marks – pretty interesting story!

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
Erm I’d probably recommend @Mr_Bingo – his work is hilarious and really adventurous and this makes him the best selection in my books! Who wouldn’t like a good illustrator with a humorous side?

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