Juni 2nd, 2013

week #32 – @fran_ohara / Fran

fran corporte_bw

Who are you and where do you come from?
I run a design, training and facilitation company based in Cardiff in Wales, and we work with clients all over the world.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
@fran_ohara I share the tweets of the people I colloborate and work with, who are a range of world class people who inspire and educate. I also tweet about the projects we are working on, so people have insights and understanding of what we do and how it can be used.

Tell us about your creative side:
I have always drawn and now use it extensively in my visual facilitation, creating visual minutes and large scale strategic maps at conferences, events and meetings. I use the skills learnt during my 4 years working at Disney in Hong Kong and Los Angeles to engage and connect with people in a visual way.

What inspires you?
People, places, events – innovation and new ideas can be found everywhere, you need to be open and to look hard to find and experience.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
Now is pretty good, have great family, clients and friends who make my world a great place to be in.

Name your favorite present book:
David Sibbett: Visual Leaders

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
@janhoglund  he is really interested in using creativity and visual processes in the business environment, and on a path of learning and sharing resources. so would bring a fresh angle to your twitter feed.

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