Juni 30th, 2013

week #36 – @galeriaredelius / Gunilla


Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Gunilla Redelius. I come from Sweden but have lived abroad for more than 17 years now, first in Belgium and now in The Netherlands. I work at European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam, but I’m also a “moonlight jewellery maker”: in my sparetime I work on my own designs. For me, it’s a great mix to do both these things.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
@galeriaredelius where I share updates about my own jewellery or what inspires me (through my blog) and also other jewellery related resources or things that I think can be interesting to know about.

Tell us about your creative side:
I have done shorter workshops or evening classes in print making, drawing, sculpture, creative writing and jewellery making. The last one is my real passion and I eventually got a professional training as jeweller (also this I did in the evenings). I am not in business, but I also see that as an advantage. I have access to two different worlds, and whereas I sometime miss studio time, there is also no pressure around it.

What inspires you?
The materials and how they respond. I like very much to work with titanium, for example. It’s a metal that you can not solder with ordinary studio equipment, so you have to think differently about how to put your piece together. With titanium, you can also play with colours, by oxidation. It’s a tough metal, but also generous, I would say.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
I would like to peek into people’s life a bit here and there, following the centuries all the way back to the earliest civilisations. See how people dealt with jewellery in all levels of society, as makers, buyers, traders, givers, receivers, etc. I am convinced that our need to adorn ourselves, demonstrate our status, or any of the other functions that jewellery has, has been there from the very start of human culture. I would like to witness how all this evolved. And, jewellery apart, I would love to see Janis Joplin perform.

Name your favorite present book:
Am now reading The Book Thief my Markus Zusak, have only just started, but it’s very promising. I re-read Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland a while back, I find that a very inspiring book to return to.

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
I can’t choose so I’ll simply mention two names here: @AmyTavern and @jo_pond, both of them because I simply like the way they share their lifes as studio jewellers and lecturers.

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