August 18th, 2013

week #43 – @alexdlf / Alex


Who are you and where do you come from?
I am Alex de la fuente and I am a young graphic designer last year student from spain.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
@alexdlfc I usually tweet my works in progress and things that inspire me or i want to spread. main topics are electronic music, design and paranormal phenomena or pseudoscience and hitech.

Tell us about your creative side:

I am creative by definition, always curious about the things that surround me, my goal is to be a creative and know a bit of everithing to make my desigs and ideas more interesting and human.
I like the filosophy behind the human crafted things and I will like to think that i work in a diferent way.

What inspires you?
Mainly my inspiration is the mother nature and the day a day stuff that I see and reminds on my mind and cames when needts to. Also I like my imagination be feeded by the music and the dreams.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
At the moment I am in Belgium doing my intership at then I dont know where I’m gonna place my but, but there is a bunch of places that i need to go, a underground church in somalia, a big Budha at China, I will like to see the odd region of manchuria, need to go to Montreal …. thre is a lot of good places to go.

Name your favorite present book:
As I am doing now lots of corporate Id I am really enjoying „Dynamic identities“ by Irene van Nes

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
@ritxiostariz is one of my favorite designers and is also a better guy close to the real people and is from my country ;)


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