September 29th, 2013

week #49 – @sbakkum / Suzanne


Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Suzanne Bakkum I am a graphic designer living in Amsterdam.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
@sbakkum, I tweet about photography and other things that inspire me, mostly arty things. Once in a while I might retweet a little glitch.

Tell us about your creative side:
I’m a graphic designer and I love photographing. I’m in my final year studying Graphic Design in The Hague, writing my thesis as we speak. It’s about mundane things.

What inspires you?
Photographing really inspires me and makes me think in other ways and look at the world and everything around me differently. But also: everyday life, the city, the countryside, movies, music. You can check my blog where I share what inspires me, I also try to elaborate on WHY it inspires me or catches my eye.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
I would probably go back to the eighties, I was born in the eighties, but now I would relive it being much older. I would bring with me the internet though :)

Name your favorite present book:
On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes by Alexandra Horowitz, great book on how to notice things you normally walk past and it’s very well written, I love her style.

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
@thijsremie, he brings a good mix of informative and funny.

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