1. You must be willing to post at least 3-5 tweets a day, every day, for a week. Obviously the more you tweet the better, as people will get to know you. You will share both your own and relevant third party’s thoughts, stories, information and other content that is somehow linked to art, design or your daily creative life.
  2. You live, work or play with creativity or you have a special connection to visual arts & design (please explain it in your application).
  3. You must agree to our ethical guidelines.
  4. You must be a real person (not a spambot) and an active tweeter already – so you can concentrate on WHAT you’re tweeting, not HOW you’re tweeting. If you don’t use twitter now, don’t worry, it’s simple once you’ve tried for a bit. Sign up, spend a couple of weeks on there, then get in touch.
  5. You can change the profile picture and adjust the biography to fit you. Please keep the pattern „Creative | your name“ as it is a recognition value for the project. You can follow (or unfollow, if necessary) who you like. The location indication is automatically on, so if you do not want your location revealed, switch it off in the settings.
  6. We use for any pictures you post. All you have to do is pick “twitter” as your default.
  7. We prefer English as the language to stay in contact with other curation accounts and people all over the world.

(Thanks to @I_amGermany and @weareHH for the inspriation)