April 15th, 2013

week #25 – @creativenestlin / Dillion

Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Dillion S. Phiri, I am the founder & creative director of Creative Nestlings. I am Zimbabwean born but currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Share your twitter account with us and tell us what you are twittering about:
@creativenestlin is the twitter account i use, I tweet about creativity, conversations i have with creatives, interesting articles on creativity, projects i and my team are working on, street art, design, films, life in Cape town, coffee culture etc.

Tell us about your creative side:
Ohk, i guess i am an ideas person, i am a conceptual person, i love making ideas happen. i am also a fashion designer (working on first collection under my menswear brand – The Brothers Slimm). Been writing some short films for a while, soon i will bring them to life. I am blogger/interviewer/write on www.creativenestlings.com. I also edit videos (recently learnt how to). i tried and failed at painting so now i read/write about it. I dabble a little into photography (https://thelegendarydillionaire.jux.com/). I am on the search for original ideas.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by people around me, my travels, young creatives, nature. My son (Dillion jnr) is also my greatest inspiration lately, i see how he is just an adventure boy at 8 months; my wife (Lunga @naughtybugger89 is my muse, don’t tell her i said so but because of her i continue to live a creative life; my mother (Primrose @Khetkhum) also, she has allowed & pushed  me to pursue who i am. I am inspired by people who don’t conform to the norm but take their time to truly discover who they are, people who go out of their way to create value in other peoples lives.

Time travel: Where would you go to?
The day i met my wife & tell her what she was in for lol.

Name your favorite present book:
Scott Belsky – Making ideas happen

Which tweeter would you recommend for @createandrotate and why?
Laura Windvogel @DearDorothy

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